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We are Enlightened Decor and we have personally selected beautiful, handcrafted artisan decor from Bali, Indonesia. 


Enlightened Decor began after our family of six moved to Bali for a year in 2016. We took this step away from our home in Alberta, Canada to dedicate our time to our four kids (aged 7, 6, 4, and 18 months) and to experience life outside of Canada. It was an incredible experience.


It was on this Bali journey that we lived in an amazing Balinese community called Blahbatuh. It was here we became very close with an incredible local family, that we now lovingly call our ‘Bali Family’.  In this community are four talented ’power’ women: Ibu (meaning Mother) Kadek, her daughters Nadila and Marcilia, and Ibu Juli. We are very happy to now have them on board with Enlightened Decor and running the Bali side of our venture.  They are currently managing the orders and acting as liaisons in purchasing, quality control, expediting, and logistics. 


It was also with these ladies help that we were able to source the majority of our product within the Blahbatuh district. We are very proud to be able to contribute to this community's growth and to add continued support to their families.


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