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Meet Kabul and Greenman, both are hand-carved by skilled Balinese Artisans using wood from sustainable plantations. The wood was left raw on the top and bottom, while in the center is a stunning carving.  As the stump has been halved, it also has a loop of string making easy for hanging.


This wood carving will make a great indoor or outdoor accessory and will look especially good in the garden, conservatory or on the patio in the Spring and Summer months. Wonderfully unique and beautifully designed.


Please note that given the natural origin of the materials and the hand crafting process, there will be differences in texture, color, size, and shape rendering each piece unique.


While the face comes varnished, we recommend a Yacht Varnish for outdoor use.

Spirit Wood Faces, Wall Hanging, 1m

SKU: 21
  • History of the Wood Spirit - Most tribal groups and cultures of the world used to believe in Wood Spirits in one form or another. Many still do. The people believed they lived in the trees that nourish life in the wilderness. The Wood Spirit has always been a symbol of rebirth, representing the cycle of growth each spring. It is also considered good luck and good fortune to those he travels with on the path of life. Nobody knows when the Wood Spirit Legend began because it was near the beginning of time. Some however, claim it started in Europe where they are also called ‘’Greenman’’ or ‘’Wildman’’ or ‘’Woodwose. 


    For further info on caring for your stump carving please visit..


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