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In the natural beauty of suar wood, our artisans have sculpted these gallery worthy, intricate works of art. The proportions and details making them highly lifelike. These pieces will make an extraordinary addition your home or place of work.


Every piece is unique.


Approx 16" x 5.5" x 8"

Sleeping Bulldog

SKU: 92
C$165.00 Regular Price
C$90.75Sale Price
  • Please note that given the natural origin of the materials and the hand crafting process, there will be differences in texture, color, size, and shape rendering each piece unique.

  • Suar Wood, as a material is highly sought-after and is the preferred wood for carving throughout Indonesia and furniture making world wide.

    Its popularity is due to the fact that the grains crisscross and interlock, giving it a special grain texture. This interlocking has resulted in the characteristics of being resistance to wood termites, decay, cracking, and it’s over all strength. The wood itself is relatively heavy, less so than teak wood, however still very strong and robust. Suar Wood only requires basic maintenance such as soap & water to maintain its grandeur.


    The tree itself originates from South and Central America, it has been widely introduced to Southeast Asia and planted throughout the tropics. It has light yellow sapwood and rich dark chocolate-brown heartwood. The rich colour and beautiful but subtle grain of the heartwood, resembling black walnut. Owing to its popularity all across the world, Suar Wood is called by different names in different parts of the world. Under NatureServe conversation, this specie is given the status of G5 globally. This indicates that it is not in danger of extinction due to its widespread abundance.

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