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This incredible piece of art was created from recycled glass and hand blown onto a bed of reclaimed Gamal wood root. It is a stunning contrast of nature that would make a great piece of art for your home or a gift for any occasion. As proof to how it was made, each piece will have bubbles throughout and may have small imperfections which I believe adds to it's charm. No two will ever be the same.

Tear Drop, Glass on Root - Large

SKU: 12-4
  • This piece is 100% eco-friendly and re-purposed. The base is the gnarled root of a Gamal tree. Quick growing but relatively short-lived, Gamal trees are used by farmers in Indonesia as live fencing. New saplings grow in to replace the older growth, and local artisans have discovered ways to use the intricate beauty of their roots.


    For easy care of this product the glass portion can be removed from the root and washed.

  • Size is based on the diameter of the glass bowl.  Sizes are as follows.


    X-Small - less than 15cm

    Small - 15-20cm / 5.9-7.9 inch

    Medium - 20-25cm / 7.9-9.8 inch

    Large - 25-30cm / 9.8-11.8 inch

    Extra Large - 30-35cm / 11.8-13.8 inch

    Jumbo - 36cm and above

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